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Solder Chemistry

Soldered Joints of highest perfection.


Solder Chemistry was founded in 1994. We are a highly innovative company who aim to create the best high end solder pastes and related products. We do not only provide universal products of highest quality, but also tailor-made special solutions. All of our products are certified by leading electronics companies.

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Cool Anniversary:

20 Years of Solder Pastes which need no cooling.

Precision Soldering by Solder Chemistry.

High tech Soldering for a high tech world.

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Brilliant soldering, this is what we do.

That's why we offer everything you need for professional soldering with equally professional results from a single source. Of course in Solder Chemistry quality. Solid, homogeneous and blowhole-free solder joints are guaranteed, from solder wires and soldering agents to SMT adhesives and cleaning agents.

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Our Products

Lead free solder pastes

Lead containing solder pastes

Custom Pastes

Solder Wires

Soldering Aids


High Tech Soldering

Our Solder Pastes are the latest in high tech soldering. Based on recent chemical developments, the careful and strict consideration of ISO, IPC and MIL standards and our long experience, we have managed to create high tech solutions to all applications in SMT.


All Solder Chemistry products have been developed by ourselves and tested in our own laboratory. You will receive a guaranteed high quality product that meets the highest demands thanks to comprehensive tests.

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