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We help you with every "soldering-problem". You can find in this product group solder wires, solders, solder alloys, SMT-glues as well as cleaning agents (stencil cleaner, PCB cleaner, synthetics cleaner).

The solder wires of Solder Chemistry company are produced of high-class alloys (DIN 1707; material class 2.3660). This is the guarantee for the solid and bright solder points (joints). In details differ these three types of our solder wires on core's composition. Their classificaiton and designation refer to ISO 9454.

Solder wires

Product Specific feature
Solder wires SC RL26, SC RL32, SC RL 34 Solder wires for engineering, electronics and SMT - repairs.
Soldering materials - Solders The soldering tin is produced under strict surveillance of quality from cleanest alloys according to DIN 1707. For demanding applications we offer solders from Indium-alloys in kind of foils, preforms and wires. Of course we can also offer you lead-free alloys.
SMT adhesive 35Z-ROW The latest one-component epoxide resin adhesives for surface mounting in the electronics. They are very well suitable as well for dispensing as for stencil printing.
Type F-SW 33 ISO 1.2.3.C
S.C. Rework Flux has been developed especially for all SMT-repairs. Also it could be used for all other known manual soldering applications.

We offer an alkaline water based PCB-cleaner to clean soldered PCB-boards as well as a plastic cleaner and a stencil cleaner. Many years of experience in the SMT-business and a steady conversation with users of solder pastes have brought Solder Chemistry to introduce these high-tech products.


Product Specific feature
Stencil cleaner Truly cleans stencils down, without damaging the paste, which can happen with alcohol and similar solvents.
PCB Cleaner - printed circuit board cleaner For use in preference of ultrasound systems, dip bases and, after appropriate pre-tests, in dish washers.
Synthetics Cleaner K21 Cleaner with an antistatic effect.

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